Sauer Memorial Home opened in 1966 as a long-term care facility. In 2012 the name changed to Sauer Health Care to promote it's current services and be able to add new services in the future. It has a unique one-floor design, which allows access to all areas for its residents.  Sauer Health Care is a free standing, non-profit organization, which is managed by a licensed administrator, in conjunction with a board of directors.


The mission of the SHC foundation is to ensure the on-going financial stability of Sauer Health Care.  The Board is committed to following established policy and guidelines in administering SHC Foundation assets, such as gifts, funds, and investments above and beyond general budget of Sauer Health Care.  The Lord's blessings are sought in the fulfillment of Board responsibilities to help maintain the high level of service provided by Sauer Health Care.


Sauer Health Care Board of Directors

Sauer Health Care is fortunate to have a dedicated board of directors made up of local business and community members. Each member brings their own experience and knowledge. The board is responsible for establishing Sauer Health Care's long range goals. These goals are focused on quality, safety, and financial stewardship.

Current Board Members


Charitable Giving

Gifts may be donated to many different funds and are tax-deductible.  All donations benefit Sauer Health Care in substantial ways.  Gifts may be directed to the business office.

Sauer Health Care is organized and operated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.